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The complete collection of elixirs, designed for those who crave variety and adaptability, allowing you to harness the full power of Karmaceuticals depending on your needs, mood, and the social setting you find yourself in.


With the Karmaceuticals Full Package, embark on a dynamic journey that caters to every twist and turn of your social and professional life. Start your experience with Sharp Wits—the perfect elixir to awaken your senses and sharpen your mind, ideal for when you're meeting up with friends or trying to shake off the fog of a long workday.


As the evening progresses and you find yourself at an event or gathering where you want to stand out, elevate your presence with Turbo Tonic. This elixir is designed to put that pep in your step, ensuring you're not just attending the party—you're bringing it to life.


When the moment calls for more intimate and meaningful connections, switch to All Night Long. This thoughtful blend encourages deeper conversations and genuine interactions, helping you forge lasting bonds as the night unfolds.


And to gracefully conclude your night, Social Fluency is your go-to. This soothing elixir calms your nervous system and prepares you for a restful sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for whatever the next day holds.


The Karmaceuticals Full Package is more than just a collection of elixirs; it's a toolkit for navigating the social landscape with ease, confidence, and authentic flair. Whatever feeling you're looking to achieve, this package offers the perfect blend for every scenario.


We are thrilled to announce that each of our elixirs have been honored with a medal in the World Alcohol-Free Awards 2024! These acknowledgements are a testament to the quality and innovation of our products, showcasing our excellence in the alcohol-free category. Karmaceuticals elixirs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, blending the finest botanical ingredients to ensure a premium experience. We take pride in this recognition and are excited for you to experience the award-winning blends that set us apart in the world of alcohol-free beverages.

The Whole Package

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