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  • What is vegetable glycerine?
    Vegetable glycerine is an alternative solvent to alcohol. Solvents are used to both contain dissolved chemicals in solution whilst also preserving them. Although it tastes sweet, vegetable glycerine is actually the backbone of the triglyceride molecule, aka fat. Meaning that as it is processed by the body there is not an added spike in blood sugar.
  • What are Karmaceuticals’ elixirs?
    Our elixirs are formulated to fine tune your social experience in a manner that is bespoke to the individual. We have a range of elixirs that make use of the underutilised world of plant chemistry and can be liberally applied in a huge selection of situations. Increase your ability to connect with those around you and shine as the brightest and best version of yourself.
  • How are the elixirs made?
    Our elixirs are made from the finest quality ingredients, extracted using a combination of traditional and modern approaches. Initially, the plant materials are extracted in alcohol for six weeks with an alcohol content tailored to draw out the specific chemical constituents with some evidence of effect on the body. Once the beneficial portion of these plants has been liberated into the alcohol we use a special technique to remove the alcohol content. Vegetable glycerine is used to reconstitute the volume lost from removing the alcohol and to preserve the precious chemicals within; resulting in a premium extract with functional social effects and the versatility to cross the boundaries between boozy and booze-free drinks solutions.
  • How do I consume the elixirs?
    Karmaceuticals’ elixirs are highly concentrated in comparison to any other alternative on the market. A dose around 10 times smaller than our competitors can be taken under the tongue or added to simple serves and classic cocktails. (Recipe page) For those who wish to serve signature cocktails without the alcohol, we recommend replacing the volume normally occupied by spirits or sparkling wines with the range available from Lyres.
  • How should I prepare it?
    Some chemicals can precipitate (fall out of solution) and settle at the bottom of the bottle. Gently shake before use to disperse.
  • Where can I find the elixirs?
    We are available to purchase in personal sized bottles on our website. Larger vessels will be stocked in a growing number bars and restaurants. If you enjoy our elixirs please request your local social hotspot to contact us should they have not done so already!
  • Where should I keep the elixirs?
    Keep them in a cool and dry location, once opened consume within 6 months.
  • What should I expect?
    Each individual is unique, and we try to formulate our elixirs to be inclusive of this factor. We encourage you to ask, how have I been feeling? How am I feeling? And how would I like to feel? Explore our full range and read more here: Check Now >
  • How much should I dose?
    We recommend a single dose between 2.5ml-5ml and each person will have a sweet spot, some will need less and others more. We encourage you to check in with yourself each time before consuming more, and most importantly, dose responsibly.
  • How quickly will I feel something and how long will it last?
    There are both instant and accumulative influences on how you feel from the botanical ingredients. If taken neat and held under the tongue effects can be felt quite quickly, consumed in a drink it will take a similar time to alcohol to be absorbed into the blood. Experience may differ as all bodies process things slightly differently, however, expect to feel an effect for around an hour or more.
  • Are the elixirs unsuitable for anyone?
    Plants and the chemicals they contain should be treated with respect. If you have a long-term health condition or take medications and/or supplements, please check with your doctor, medical herbalist or other healthcare provider before consuming our products. Also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and those under 18. Individual taste and circumstance will play into what should and shouldn’t be taken so we advise you to learn about the ingredients. You will naturally gravitate towards a favourite feeling and learn which social settings call for certain elixirs.
  • What does the Karmaceuticals logo represent?
    The hexagon and circle represent the benzene ring, a chemical that appears regularly within plant chemicals. The K with an x going through the leg is a nod to the Dr’s shorthand for prescription
  • What is our vision?
    We are confident in our ability to eradicate social divide based on the substances we decide to consume (or not), breaking down the stigma towards addiction and establishing more inclusive environments. By providing those who perhaps enjoy alcohol in tenfold with a solution beneficial to the mind and body, we can see a future where many are able to live life without the morning after drawbacks and reach their full potential without having to distance themselves from the bar.
  • What if I didn’t feel anything?
    These elixirs won’t affect you in exactly the same way as alcohol and other drugs. The majority of cases that someone will feel nothing are when they expect an almost overwhelming visceral experience. Karmaceuticals’ elixirs are designed to gently support you through social and work environments with tangible effects. These help you to enjoy the moment and let your subconscious take control
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