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An introductory collection of elixirs for bars, restaurants, and event organizers who value variety and adaptability. This wholesale solution allows establishments to offer the full spectrum of Karmaceuticals experiences, tailored to the diverse needs, moods, and settings of their clientele.


Our comprehensive dispensing unit is designed to elevate the experience at your establishment, offering a versatile and enriching elixirs to your menu. Each 100ml bottle contains 20 doses, with each dose measuring 5ml, perfect for integrating into a variety of beverages. This allows for a seamless blend with any drink, enhancing both the flavor profile and the overall experience for the consumer. Whether added to cocktails or any standard alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks, Karmaceuticals brings a unique touch that will captivate and delight your customers, making every sip an unforgettable journey of taste and sensory enhancement.


Each initial Dispensing Unit Sample Package contains:


  • x 1 Sharp Wits (100ml)
  • x 1Turbo Tonic (100ml)
  • x 1 All Night-Long (100ml)
  • x 1 Social Fluency (100ml)
  • x 1 Chemistry Stand
  • x 4 Clamps
  • x 4 Adaptors
  • X 4 Syringes


Designed as a cognitive enhancer, Sharp Wits is the ideal choice for hospitality venues hosting networking events or social gatherings where charisma and quick wit are key. This elixir boosts mental clarity and sharpens thinking, enabling guests to engage, brainstorm and make lasting impressions.


Turbo Tonic is a dynamic energy booster, perfect for venues aiming to liven up their guests and keep the momentum of the party going. It's the go-to solution for anyone needing a burst of vitality and confidence to hit the dance floor or simply enjoy the event to the fullest. By serving Turbo Tonic, your establishment becomes a place where guests have the stamina to celebrate, creating memorable experiences that keep them coming back for more.


Popular in retreats and intimate settings, All Night-Long is renowned for fostering deeper connections and promoting empathy and introspection. This elixir is a unique offering for venues that host events where a profound, shared experience is desired. Its added benefit of aiding in alcohol metabolism makes it a thoughtful choice, allowing guests to indulge without the worry of a hangover, ensuring their enjoyable time spent isn't at the expense of their future self.


If you're looking to create a chilled and inviting ambiance, Social Fluency helps guests relax and provides a calming influence that encourages open, fluid interaction. This elixir is ideal those who wish to take the edge off and relieve mental and physical tensions. Adding Social Fluency to your beverage menu offers sanctuary where anxiety takes a back seat, inhibitions are shed and bliss is achieved without consequence.


We are thrilled to announce that each of our elixirs have been honored with a medal in the World Alcohol-Free Awards 2024! These acknowledgements are a testament to the quality and innovation of our products, showcasing our excellence in the alcohol-free category. Karmaceuticals elixirs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, blending the finest botanical ingredients to ensure a premium experience. We take pride in this recognition and are excited for you to experience the award-winning blends that set us apart in the world of alcohol-free beverages.


Dispensing Unit aparatus will be provided and
maintained as needed.

Custom orders of larger quantaties, specific product selections and subscriptions available at request.

Dispensing Unit Sample Package

100 Milliliters
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