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Join the Karmaceuticals Festival Crew

Karmaceuticals is at the forefront of summer festivals, running our elixir bottle shops, alcohol-free bars, and immersive music venues that cater to a diverse audience seeking alternative and engaging experiences. We're always in search of enthusiastic individuals to join our team and be part of this unique adventure. If you love being at the center of the action and interacting with people, working with us is an ideal opportunity.


Situated near one of the festival's stages, you'll not only serve drinks but also enhance attendees' experiences of some of the season's most anticipated acts. Your role will involve more than just serving; you'll assist bar managers, help with opening and closing each day, and play a key part in ensuring our bars operate smoothly, all while keeping the area clean and well-organized. We're looking for team members with a friendly personality, a strong work ethic, and a proactive approach.

In addition to the standard responsibilities, we require team members who share our keen interest in herbal medicine and the philosophy of recreation. You'll be expected to answer common questions from customers about consuming our elixirs, so a willingness to learn and effectively communicate this knowledge is essential.

For your commitment of a minimum of one shift per day, you'll be rewarded with ample free time to enjoy the music and festival atmosphere. Shifts are generally assigned upon arrival, and we strive to accommodate everyone as fairly as possible. We're looking for individuals who are fun, outgoing, and passionate about contributing to our collective success. In return, you'll enjoy unforgettable experiences, make numerous new friends, and gain valuable experience at any festival you choose. Join Karmaceuticals this summer for an experience that combines music, camaraderie, and the chance to make a difference in the festival scene!

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