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Package Inclusions:

  • The Fatigue Epidemic Talk: Uncover the Secrets to Sustainable Energy

A captivating session addressing the widespread issue of fatigue, exploring its roots and providing practical solutions.

  • Interactive Tasting and Q&A Session: 

Engage your team with a sensorial experience, sampling wellness elixirs that embody the principles discussed in the Fatigue Epidemic talk followed by a clear and thorough Q&A session, ensuring every query is addressed.

  • Tonic Options for a 6-Week Generalized Prescription:

The Elevate Package offers a unique opportunity for 15 of your employees to choose from specialised tonics. Crafted to address prevalent health risks associated with the unbalanced work:life ratio, these tonics provide a personalised approach to well-being.

Tonic options include:

  • Stress and Fatigue Tonic: Unwind and recharge with botanical blends targeting stress and fatigue, fostering resilience and sustainable energy.

  • Sleep Support Tonic: Combat late-night overthinking, rumination and poor sleep patterns with a calming elixir promoting relaxation and a restful night's sleep.

  • Muscle Relief Tonic: Soothe muscular tension from holding stress in the body and the aches and pains associated with office syndrome, allowing for better mobility and a preventative measure for long-term health implications.

  • Blood Pressure Harmony Tonic: Cultivate cardiovascular health with a tonic designed to support healthy blood pressure and vein integrity. Useful for those who

  • Digestive Ease Tonic: Alleviate digestive insufficiency, fostering gut health and overall vitality. Stress-induced stomach problems

  • 1-2-1 Bespoke Health Package

All 15 participants involved will benefit from a private consultation with a qualified medical herbalist, delving into presenting complaints, medical history, family background, lifestyle, and diet, conducting a thorough investigation of each organ system. This methodical approach builds a complete picture of health and underlying factors, followed by a case summary, lifestyle and dietary advice, and a tailor-made prescription formulated to address health needs, build resilience, and maintain vitality for the following 4 weeks.

Why Choose Our Wellness Package?

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the knowledge and insight of Medical Herbalist and Entrupener, Karma Campbell.

  • A Niche Toolkit: Equip your team with practical tips and advice to implement in their daily lives. 

  • Engaging & Interactive: Move beyond traditional seminars with a tasting session and interactive Q&A.

  • Encouraging Proactivness:  Our tailored tonic options give participants the opportunity to take their personal health into their own hands.  Compelling participants to engage with these practices long-term.

  • Individual Support:  We acknowledge the diverse health profiles within any workforce and we are passionate about creating a safe space to encourage open dialogue about sensitive issues and customised solutions.

Price: £6000.00

The Apex Package is reserved for businesses in pursuit of setting the gold standard for employee well-being that extends far beyond the realms of traditional wellness programs. Reshape your company's ethos and witness a ripple of positive change that leaves an indelible mark on the culture, productivity, and success. 

Should you desire to extend our more intensive programs to more than the standard size of 15 participants, we welcome the opportunity to engage in negotiations and explore how these wellness packages can be modified to align precisely with the unique needs of your organisation.

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